About us

The Montague family moved from Sydney to Orange in 1991. Laurie and his wife Kim have always had a passion for helping animals. It was only natural this would rub off on their children, Simon and Lori.


"When we moved to Orange we wanted to extend our family and find a pet for the children to love and care for. It was also a great way to learn responsibility" says Laurie.


Along came Patch, a male Border Collie “free to a good home” - who also happened to come free with no manners at all!

"So l joined the Orange Obedience Dog School. Not long after, I was offered the position of the Chief Instructor of the school, and my passion for animals just grew."


The Montague family of animals soon changed from one to four, Patch, Edna - a whippet X, Lottie - another Border Collie, and ofcourse, Joyce the cat.

"This had me wondering what on earth we would do next time we go on holidays. We had no choice but to put the animals into boarding kennels. For most of our animals this was no problem, but for our youngest Lottie, kennels were a no-go zone."


Lottie made their life hell. She would be put in her cage and within seconds she would climb back out. The cages had to be altered so she couldn’t get out. This left her very distressed and it often took her weeks to recover.

"This also left me thinking, there must be other people out there with animals like Lottie, animals with special needs and requirements."

"It was then in 1994 I established Orange Home Care for Pets. From a young age my daughter Lori has been my shadow, and any time animals were involved, she was at my side wanting to help."


Now with a family of fur babies of her own, Lori has taken the reins and made pet care her main hobby.


"Lori and I pride ourselves on giving your animals the best possible love and care we can. We offer an in-house pet care service which leaves your animals at ease as they are in the comfort of their own home."


"To us, pet care is a passion and hobby!  We keep our prices very reasonable, and do whatever we can to cater to your needs. We look forward to looking after your beloved animals!"


Orange Home Care for Pets have been looking after my beautiful dog Molly for the past 10 years. Laurie and Lori's professional and loving nature towards my dog makes me feel at ease when my husband and I have to travel for work.


The convenience of having care for my loved one at home makes things so easy. After using kennels when travelling, the value for money and reassurance we have received from these carers is second to none. My family can't recommend them any higher. They are so wonderful and a pleasure to deal with every time.


- Melissa Johnson-Dunn

Thank you so much for looking after my cats, Bud and Syd.  Syd has never liked people, and you won his heart.  Then little Annie came to live with us;  she was in such a fearful state and again, you won her over.


I am so grateful that I can go away without any hint of worry about my animals.  It has been over four years you have cared for them when I have been away.    


Not only am I not stressed about the animals, but it is a great comfort to know my home is safe, and people see you coming twice a day.   Also with you having a permanent key, if something unexpected happens, I can call you and know that everything will be looked after at home.  Cheers!


- Sharyn